Perella Architecture

Perella Architecture


Mar Vista Coastal

Lawler Street
Los Angeles, California

Our client purchased this home while it was mid-way through a previous remodel effort.  All interior finishes had been demolished entirely, allowing this home to be a true blank-slate for our client’s growing family needs.

As the structure was fully open, most interior walls were moved, allowing a brand new floor plan to be inserted on each floor.  The new floor plan allowed for further connection and openness between main living areas, while partioning off private areas for work and children’s play.

The exterior and interior were restyled to transform the previous colonial architecture into a casual California coastal vibe.  Finishes were chosen with a mind to soft natural colors, natural white oaks and stones, and layered metals, to soften the soaring and expansive volumes.  The color palette is muted and soft to allow the client’s collection of pop-art to shine.

Mar Vista, Los Angeles

Complete reconfiguration and remodel of existing spaces, with complete exterior restyling.