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Perella Architecture


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Wrightwood Lane
Los Angeles, California

Our client approached us to update their mid-century home.  Their existing home had low ceilings, small bedrooms, and deep overhanging eaves that blocked both incoming light and the expansive views.

The eaves and low roof lines were removed, creating a tall open living space.  Oversized windows and doors showcase the view, while washing the interior with light.  Both rear and front facade were reconfigured, including bumping out portions to increase space in the bedrooms.

The exterior was re-clad with a mixture of stone, metal, and charred wood siding.  The resulting home is updated to a more modern styling, while keeping a hand in it’s mid-century past.

Hollywood Hills, Los Angeles

Complete remodel and restyling of exterior, addition to expand living spaces, and new roof lines to create high ceilings.